What Men Want In Women

Do you want to know what men want in womenYou might think that being stunningly beautiful would be enough for a man but no, although men desire to win over a beautiful woman in their dreams it is not exactly the be all and end all in real life.

what men want in women

It’s true that men can be mesmerised by a beautiful woman, and, if they are honest they would like their woman to be sufficiently attractive that they are proud to show her off to their friends. However beauty is not the sole criterion in gaining men’s attention , nor is it perhaps the most important. To many men, and certainly to the men that matter, self-assurance is ranked higher even than beauty. Men secretly admire self-confident women, partly because maybe, however they may try to appear, they may be deep down, slightly unsure of themselves. A confident woman who carries herself well can help boost their own confidence and ego.

Many women are beautiful but in different ways. You may have lips like Angelina Jolie or legs like Kelly Brook (I’d like to meet you) in which case you should make the most of your particular assets. Do not overdo it though. You should strive for a natural beauty Most men have a slight antithesis towards a heavily made up face, regarding it as being doll-like and unreal, or they have a reticence towards spoiling it.

You can boost your feelings of self-confidence by going over your accomplishments in your mind. If you are well educated and have a good job that is great but even if not, you can still be charming, outgoing, witty and a true friend. One of the things that a man wants in a woman if the truth be told, is a friend and engaging companion. A man does not a woman just to put on a pedestal to be admired, nor to be left at home with a mountain of chores. He wants someone other than his best mates that he can tell his problems to, share a few jokes with, and generally enjoy life and have fun with.

Lastly a man wants a woman who won’t bore him. This of course works both ways since many women complain their partners bore them dreadfully after a while. However that’s the subject for another article. For now you should try to retain some mystery about you that makes you beguiling. This is difficult to put into words but your woman’s intuition about what a man wants should help here. A woman who is less than totally transparent or who is somewhat unpredictable can best maintain a man’s interest

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